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Zanai's Love Of Hair 

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Akiya P.

A true renaissance woman, Akiya Penny believes in a back-to-our-roots approach to hair care.  She enjoys servicing the natural hair care needs of women, men, and children, building community in the process.  By choice, Akiya does not provide any services that require instruments other than her hands and therefore doesn't press or perm!  

Self-taught in the art of braiding, twisting, and cornrows, Akiya has provided natural hair care to friends, family, and the community of the greater Los Angeles for over a decade, 3 years in Atlanta, and over 5 years in the Bay Area.  As one of the few specialists in Locs and Loc Extensions in the Bay Area, Akiya is proud to help clients realize their Loc goals, be they starting, extending, or repairing them.  

In addition to locs, braids, cornrows, Senegalese twists, Nubi Nubi twists, Tree braids, and cornrows, Akiya has grown her business to include handmade natural haircare and beauty products and, earning certification from the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Braiding and Weaving.

Akiya hails from Los Angeles, CA but has traveled throughout the United States, particularly to Georgia, where she attended Clark Atlanta University for International Business and completed an official natural haircare training certification.  Zanai's Love of Hair was a natural extension of her desire to help people get back to their roots.  A labor of love that began in her home has now become a thriving business, reflecting Akiya's passion for community and natural haircare.  At present, Akiya operates her business in the Black Art & Business District of Downtown Oakland, CA.

Thank you for visiting this site.  Feel free to explore Akiya's many offerings in support of your natural hair care journey. 

Akiya's hair journey...

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