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Style Profile: Loc Extensions

Posted on April 7, 2011 at 9:35 PM

Before Loc Extension installation

I haven't put up any Loc Extensions pictures lately. Above is the before. This client was seeking her locs to be not to big/not to small; length to be towards the middle of her back. This took me about 3 days to complete. Making sure that each loc was placed to look full without stressing her hair. She was a champ! and had fun with her...

After Loc Extension installation

Oh I forgot she also wanted to keep a batch of her salt/pepper in the front-top.

Are you seeking Loc Extensions or have questions to make sure this is right for you? Make your consultation meeting with me HERE.

Until Next Time...

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Reply Rita
10:57 PM on February 22, 2015 
Im want permanent loc extentions. I have baby locs. Would like to meet with you.
Reply Windy Bell
4:09 PM on March 2, 2013 
Beautiful!. But I am having a difficult time finding loc extentions in sat & peper. I don't and will never dye my hair; so where can I purchase them?
Reply pamela
11:28 PM on July 1, 2012 
I recently got my hair twisted, and heard about loc extensions. My hair is really short, I was wondering how long does my hair have to be before I can get the dreadloc extensions?
Reply Shivie
9:04 PM on November 26, 2011 
I had my own locks for 8 years and I dyed them pink for 7...when I wanted to stop bleaching I had to cut them out, I went natural again, but not for long, after 8 years of my own locks and 1 year of extesnsions before i started my own, straight hair was not going to cut it.

My old salon had closed and I needed someone to do extensions, after a search I found Akiya and it was SO worth it. She is an Angel with hair, even straight, white girl hair. (and she does my honeys afro locks).,

I have had my lock extensions by Akiya for 2 years. It took her a good 15 hours to put them in, they look great, my hair was short at the time (straight, white girl hair). recently I noticed my own hair poking though and realized how much it had grown, past my shoulders.

Taking off a wrap I was greeted with my own locks inside, i am now in the process of cutting off the wraps and Akiya will be making my own dreads looking pretiier on December 6...

To answer the maintenaince question all I do is wash my hair when i want to (warm weather is best) and go to Akiya every 6-8 weeks for maintenance...so easy and ALWAYS looks great...

I love you Akiya and am so grateful to you, fell free to use any or all of this as a testimonial...you ROCK my world and my hair looks great too!
Reply Thyreast
11:23 PM on July 21, 2011 
Beautiful! What type of at-home maintenance do you recommend for loc extensions?