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Zanai's Love Of Hair 

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Below you can find previous clients' reviews and you can add your experience with Akiya as well!

Zanai's Love Of Hair

Quotes I found Akiya through Yelp and she has been an absolute God-send. Seeing her was one of the best decisions of 2010!! The last girl that did tree braids on me was someone my auntie hooked me up with--it was a disaster and I thought I'd never get the style again. But Akiya hooked it up for an amazing price and GREAT time. She's very kind and we had a great time laughing and watching movies. My hair is thick as the Amazon most take 10-12 hours to get through it; Akiya took 7. She never pulled and was actually so gentle, I fell asleep in the chair for awhile! I was afraid the braids would fall out since they didn't feel tight, but her work was QUALITY. The style was amazing, the braids were secure, and there was no soreness whatsoever. I don't have a single complaint and can't wait for my return appt!!! Quotes
This woman needs a fan club!

Quotes I can honestly agree with all the previous reviews, Akiya is awesome at what she does. This being my first time to get Loc Extensions, I was a bit apprehensive at first that the process would work with my short straight hair (barely 2 1/2 inches long). But I am very pleased at the results. Akiya did a great job with my hair! She has a great personality and is really easy to get along with, so you feel naturally at ease while she is working on your hair. It took about 12 hours to do, but Akiya pretty much worked on it non-stop. It didn't feel that long because she was good company and also gave me the remote to her TV so that I could watch whatever I wanted. I will definitely be going back to her with my future hair care needs and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get there hair done up real good. Thanks Akiya!! Quotes

Quotes Akiya is truly a gem. I've been going to her for almost a year now and I think that she does fantastic work. She has always been accommodating and I always leave happy with my hair style and 100% pain free, no painful scalps here. She is also a tight and savvy business woman and its so inspiring to see a sista flourishing as she is. I strongly recommend her services and will continue to share her info with my friends and family. Quotes

Quotes Akiya is extremely patient. I just had my loc extensions done which took countless hours, but she maintained her pleasant disposition to the end. The results were well worth the time spent! Quotes

Quotes I was initially seeking another braider who also included twists in her style repertoire. I search for braiders on Craigslist. I found several ads, but Akiya's stood out because she had an online presence which meant I could go to her Web site. I was very impressed with her Web site which features an images gallery of all of the techniques she offers, as well as a price list, and an online appointment system. The only reservation I had about booking the appointment was the fact that she braids from her home. I decided why not give her a shot -- her prices are reasonable, she is conducting herself as a businesswoman, and her pictures indicate she does qua Quotes

Quotes Akiya did an amazing job and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. She is knowledgeable about hair care, gentle, and fast! I will definitely be a returning customer. Quotes

Quotes Akiya is great. Ive been to plenty if hair braiders and none of them were as fast, gentle and affordable as Akiya. Thanks Akiya God Bless. Quotes
Cherie Price

Quotes I just left and my hair is great. Excellent experience and Akiya is very skilled. Personable, prompt, and I will be back. Thanks Akiya and may the Lord keep you. Quotes
Terri Price

Quotes Akiya is a very talented and professional young woman. I was initially skeptical about getting my hair done at someone's home, but my concerns were unfounded. I have been to a number of hair professional salons in Oakland since moving here three years ago and none of them were able to work with my natural hair. And I found very few who were truly versatile in working with synthetic twist extensions. It was always quite difficult to get an appointment and the stylists were often late. Akiya takes her work seriously and conducts herself and her business in a professional manner. Appointments are made online and a reminder is sent out. She has never canceled an appointment. Her prices are extremely reasonable and she does quality work in an efficient manner. Lastly, Akiya knows how to do two-strand twist extensions starting with a twist instead of a braid, so it looks more natural. I haven't seen that since I left D.C. And there is ZERO pain. I will be sticking with her for the long term. Quotes

Quotes I found Akiya because of her back to school coupon offer and was sure I would be disappointed when I picked my daughter up. Boy was I wrong. She looked perfect. All her parts and braids were the same size. Akiya is professional and very polite. I will going myself at end of month and my daughter will be going back in 2 months. Quotes
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