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Zanai's Love Of Hair 

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Below you can find previous clients' reviews and you can add your experience with Akiya as well!

Zanai's Love Of Hair

Quotes Akiya is fun, dependable, and professional. She is very talented. I love my twists, and after almost 2 months they still look amazing! I highly recommend her. Quotes

Quotes Akiya is so talented, patient and kind. She did a great job with my twist and got me out of there in good time. I barely felt like I'd been in the chair that long by the time she was done. Will be heading back in 2 months as long as I'm in the Bay Area. Quotes

Quotes Akiya is the bomb! I'm currently in a transition from perm to natural and have been having hard time. Akiya cornrows my hair perfectly. It didnt hurt, last long, and fit my face. I recieved compliments all over. Being a college student its hard as well to afford to get your hair done. With Akiya I had no worries, a cheaper price still ment quality. I cant wait to go to her again!!! Quotes

Quotes Had a touch up on my kinky braids on Thursday 7/23/09 and it was just as good as if I was getting my hair done for the first time. Can't say enough! Amazing. Quotes

Quotes I've left a review before, but I wanted to leave another one. After I initially had my kinky twist done by Akiya I also had her to take out of the kinky twist. I kept them in for about 2 months. They still looked good too. And usually I remove them at 6 weeks like clockwork. How long does it take most of us to take down braids? A whole Saturday in front of the television? I went to Akiya after work and within 2 1/2 hours the twist were removed, all the lint combed out, and hair was ready for me to wash easily at home. My edges were still in tact and my hair was healthy. I was very very pleased with her removal services. I don't plan to ever take out my braids again. lol I recently just had Senegalese twist put in by Akiya and right afterwards I put my hair up in a ponytail...NO PAIN. Akiya worked with me throughout that day to find the right color selection for my braids and was excited to help me find something NEW to do with my style. Awesome stylist and awesome woman in general. Quotes

Quotes Akiya is the most professional, warm, and together stylist I have ever gone to. I have traction alopoecia and bald spots that have left me with extremely few styling options. I like natural looks and was never comfortable in a weave or wig. Akiya braided my own hair (very loosely) in a mohawk that rocks. It looks great, people really like it. Funny, I get way more compliments on my real hair than when I was wearing a weave....this is truly a blessing and a first, as I have never received many compliments on my crown. I don't obsess as much aboout my hair anymore and life has gotten better. It's always a pleasure to visit Akiya and family. Quotes

Quotes I had kinky twists put in by Akiya and I am extremely happy with both her technique and her customer service. My hair looks great and I would recommend her without reservation. Quotes

Quotes Finding Akiya was a true blessing. She: A) Actually listened to what I told her what my hair needed (imagine that!) B) Was incredibly patient and took her time with my out-of-control locks C) Is verry affordable D) Is way more professional than 90% of the shops I've experienced Highly recommended! Quotes

Quotes Akiya is WONDERFUL! She is very professional and has an absolute understanding of natural hair. My dreadlocks continue to look great and you cannot beat her gentle touch and affordable prices. I would recommend her to anyone seeking the honest look. Quotes

Quotes I got cornrows from Akiya and it was an amazing experience! She works very quickly and doesn't braid super tight on your head like other braiders. I've gotten many compliments on my style and I will definetly be a repeat customer. Thanks Akiya! (big grin) Quotes