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Zanai's Love Of Hair 

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Below you can find previous clients' reviews and you can add your experience with Akiya as well!

Zanai's Love Of Hair

Quotes I absolutely love Akiya! I found her fantastic website with a friend and I made an appointment online as soon as I saw that she offered a student discount. She braided my hair in singles for my graduation from SFSU. She was fast, sweet, gentle, and relatively inexpensive for professional service in the Bay Area. I have gotten nothing but compliments on my hair, and I will definitely be getting my hair done from her whenever I am back in the Bay Area. Quotes

Quotes I found Akiya on Craigslist, and she is living proof that there are good things to be found on there. She's sweet, funny, and always ready to laugh. She and I have a little too much fun when I come over, but that's why I keep coming back! She makes you feel at home and laugh when you're getting your hair done. And the prices are more than reasonable, considering that we live in the Bay Area and everything is high. We all need our hair done and want to look good, so don't be afraid to take a chance with Akiya. I did, and I've never looked back... Quotes

Quotes I enjoyed getting my hair done from a amazing woman named Akiya. She very kind and courteous, i will definately be supporting her more often. She has reasonable prices to meet the budget, and i will be spreading the word. Quotes
Mandisa Jones

Quotes why i absolutely loved (and you will love) Zanai's Love of Hair: 1. very reasonable rates plus student discount 2. last minute/ short notice appointments 3. early morning appointments meant not spending all day in "the chair" 4. Akiya is super sweet and professional 5. Gorgeous braids that DO NOT HURT! I am so happy with my braids I am already trying to schedule my next appointment. Quotes

Quotes This was absolutely the best braiding experience I have ever had in my 16 years of wearing braids. Usually, I have to pay extreme attention because either the braider is trying to use black crispy gel in my hair, they're braiding too tightly, they're getting lazy and braiding awkward braids, they're combing/ripping through my natural/nappy 4a hair with a tiny comb or they are creating a style I did not request. I had NONE of these problems with Akiya. She treated my hair with such gentleness. After the first few rows I stopped paying attention and just enjoyed getting my hair braided and watching my favorite t.v. shows. I didn't have to act like a hawk or an eagle on the watch to make sure she didn't jack my hair up. And I have NAPPY hair so I was even more so impress with her skills. After she was done I was itching to give her a TIP! That is how good my hair looked and the experience was...Lol! I felt very comfortable with her and she is a very nice person. Quotes

Quotes Didn't know what to expect, but Akiya kept it sweet and simple. Very efficient and dedicated as she worked on my hair for nearly nine hours without breaks. She also continually responds to my questions thru email when needed. I felt extremely comfortable and would recommend her expertise to anyone. Much appreciated Akiya! Quotes
John Rasta

Quotes Its VERY hard to find someone in the bay who can work with locks AND has reasonable pricing. Akiya is that rare gem stylist that does FANTASTIC work without sending her customers to the poor house. At the bus stop, on the train, at work, walking down the street- people are ALWAYS stopping me to ask where I get my locks done (my old loctcian's son even wanted to know where I get my hair done cause it always looks so great) . I really can not recommend Akiya highly enough! Quotes
Autumm Beard

Quotes Akiya is very talented and efficient. My twists continue to look fresh even after three weeks. I appreciate her willingness to accommodate my desire to experiment with different types of hair and twist styles. And.... you know how some braiders are like... strange? In the 12+ years I've been getting braid extensions, I've put up with stylists who were habitually late or otherwise disrespectful of my time, and a couple whom I've had to repeatedly track down just to get an appointment. Akiya is a straight-forward. down-to-earth black woman who has her professional act totally together. Thank God! Quotes

Quotes I typically seem to always find hair braiders that braid too tight. I am not tender headed (mostly) but I find I still need a tylenol before and after braiding. Akiya was efficient and I was able to pull my hair back the same day. Thanks Akiya! The twists look awesome also, I received many compliments! Quotes

Quotes After reading thecoupleof comments thus far I agree 100%. Her braids are exceptional, and she is very accomadating, friendly and personable. The braids are not headache tight, but also do not start to look weathered and worn after a few days. My 9 year old daughter, who is the princess of tender heads, actually enjoyed getting her hair done, and looks forward to coming back. I recommend to everyone and anyone. Quotes