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Zanai's Love Of Hair 

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Products  I use...


Relieves dry and itchy scalp, helps with sheen, softness and growth. Can be used as a hot oil treatment as well. This oil is a blend of organic grape seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, organic kahalari seed oil, organic hemp seed oil, jamaican black castor oil, and vitamin E. Comes in lemongrass essential oil fragrance or unscented.

Here you will find the type of brand and textures that I use to achieve the different type of twist styles.

  • Extension cornrows: "X-Pressions Ultra Braid"; 1 pack, "RastAfri" brand w/ yellow and green packaging or "Black N Gold" purple package; 2 packs depending on the density of your hair.

  • Cornrow based Tree Braids: Synthetic brands (Outre, XPressions Ultra Braid); Human hair (many different choices however the online suppliers are www.hisandher.comwww.hairsisters.com, or www.hattache.com that comes to mind; if you have a brand or supplier that you like - feel free to bring it); 6 - 8 oz bundles or 3 -5 packs depending on the density of your hair.

  • Kinky Twists: "Black n Gold" rasta/dreadlock texture; "Nafy Collection" kinky texture, or "RastAfri" dreadlock textures; 3 - 8 packs depending on the length, thickness, and density of your hair and intended twist size.

  • Nubi Nubi Twists: "Magic Touch" afro kinky texture; "RastAfri" afro kinky texture; "E-ON Hair" (found on www.eonhair.com nubi nubi hair or www.hattache.com2-3 packs depending on the density of your hair.

  • Senegalese Twists: "X-Pression Ultra Braid"; "RastAfri" w/ the yellow and green packaging; "Black N Gold" purple package; 3-6 packs depending on the length, thickness, and density of your hair and intended twist size.

  • Havana Twists: only found the hair on www.fingercomber.com5-10 bundles depending on the density of your hair AND size of the twist.

Other products that may be used during your  service:

-Key Vital Roots

- Lockology for Locs

-My Joie

-Barry Fletcher

- Dr. Bronner's Magic Castile Soap

- Design Essentials

-Kinky Curl