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Zanai's Love Of Hair 

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Zanai's Love Of Hair is brought to you by Akiya for natural and loc'd hair care, located in Oakland, CA. Here to help promote the growth, nourishment, and health of your hair, either loc'd or loose. 

This is all done without using chemicals of any kind.

Zanai's Love Of Hair specializes in the cultivation, transition, repair, maintenance, extenders, and overall health of Locs for Men, Women, and Children. Using the "Tender-Loc'd-Care" (TLC) method to guide you through your individual loc-ing journey. All hair textures are welcomed whether you have coily, curly, kinky, wavy, straight, fine, and/or combinations of the textures.

Locs are Zanai's Love Of Hair speciality however, below you will find the other natural hair services provided with the same TLC care.

Loc'd Hair Services.

If you have free-form Locs, traditional Locs (palmroll method, wrap method, locksmyth method - soon to come, interlock method) or Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks, 

Zanai's Love Of Hair will be able to provide your the Tender-Loc'd-Care (TLC) method.

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Below are additional services provided by Zanai's Love Of Hair with care, a gentle hand, and proficiency. 

Braiding Services.

What type of braid styles does Zanai's Love Of Hair offer??? Click the button, it won't bite.

Twist Services.

What type of twist styles does Zanai's Love Of Hair offer??? Click the  button, to find out.